Beef + Lamb New Zealand is proud to support a number of farming competitions that celebrate and promote the very best of our industry.

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

B+LNZ supports these annual farm environment awards as part of our commitment to sustainable farming that develops practical solutions to support farm business goals, as well as caring for the environment.

We sponsor the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Farm Award - a special category award that recognises livestock farmers (other than dairy) who demonstrate in a practical way the choices they have made to farm for the long term.

Judges consider the wise use of land, labour and capital resource available or created. Stock are well cared for, with class and type well suited to the land contour and soil type and appropriately managed to suit those soils.


Ahuwhenua Trophy

The Ahuwhenua Trophy is the premier award for Māori in agriculture. It acknowledges and celebrates business excellence in the New Zealand pastoral sector and is open to Māori farming properties either owned individually, or managed by Māori Trusts and Incorporations in New Zealand.

Each year the award alternates between beef and sheep farms, and dairy farms.


Sheep Industry Awards

These awards recognise and reward the country's top-performing sheep farmers, breeders and industry innovators - and in doing so, champion the significant contribution the industry makes to the New Zealand economy.

Pilot awards took place in 2012, with categories covering genetics, production and business innovation. The top breeders were drawn from the Sheep Improvement Ltd SIL database and another three industry awards made to individuals or businesses nominated by a panel of sheep industry experts.

  • For information about past winners, see our News section.


Steak of Origin

Every year the search is on for New Zealand’s tastiest and most tender sirloin steak, in B+LNZ’s Steak of Origin challenge. Beef farmers, retailers, wholesalers and food service companies can enter.


Golden Lamb Awards

This annual competition, nicknamed 'The Glammies', aims to find the most tender and tasty lamb in New Zealand.

Entrants select their best 25 to 50 lambs for processing. Legs are then analysed for tenderness and yield. Finalists are selected, and their products are tasted by a panel of judges that includes chefs, celebrities and industry personnel.


World Young Shepherds' Challenge

In 2011 Beef + Lamb New Zealand hosted the first ever World Young Shepherds Challenge, an international competition and educational event for young shepherds aged 18-25.

A pentathlon of activities was designed to test the shepherding skills of participants from 11 countries. They were judged on things like sorting sheep, handling and crutching techniques and shearing, as well as being quizzed on flock management and health issues.

The second challenge was held in France in 2014, and 31 shepherds frm 16 countries took part.