Farm environment plans

If you farm in Canterbury or Hawke's Bay, use these templates to build an environment plan that complies with the regulations of your local regional council.

Our farm environment plan templates have been developed to help farmers in Hawke's Bay and Canterbury meet the specific regulatory needs of their local regional councils.

They use Beef + Lamb New Zealand's tried and tested land and environment planning toolkit as a framework, and have been approved by both councils.

Use these tools to help you understand your farm's unique resources and build a plan to remain productive while mitigating any environmental and water quality issues. Implementing the completed plans will help you meet the requirements of Environment Canterbury and (for farmers in the Tukituki catchment) the Hawke's Bay Regional Council.

Get started on building your plan

The guidelines outline the process to develop your plan, while the workbook enables you to complete your plan either by hand or electronically.

Hawke's Bay

How to use farm and business management PDF templates and download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat

If you are having trouble saving a completed farm and business management PDF template, click here to view a video on how to fill them out and save completed templates on your computer and click here to view a video on how to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

Free planning workshops

Beef + Lamb New Zealand provides a workshop facilitated by an expert who can take you through the process of developing your own plan based on these templates. To find out when the next workshop will be held near you, call 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 233 352) and ask to speak to your local extension manager.

Farm somewhere else?

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