Farm Safety Management System


A Farm Safety Management System is a set of plans and procedures. When it's implemented within a positive safety culture, it helps you ensure your farm is safe and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Getting a Farm Safety Management System for your farm

PremiumBeef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) contracted the safety and risk management company Exigent Risk Management (previously QSI) to develop a Farm Safety Management System specifically for New Zealand sheep and beef farmers. The system and workshops were developed in conjunction with WorkSafe NZ.

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About the workshops

The one-day workshops are held in locations all around the country.

A trained facilitator, with in-depth knowledge of the rural sector and the health and safety legislation, leads each workshop.

A WorkSafe NZ representative is also there, so farmers can ask questions directly.

You will be given a Farm Safety Management System folder of safe work procedures, templates for registers and checklists – and other useful documents – that you customise for your farm. Using this Farm Safety Management System, 90% of your paperwork is already done, it’s easy to follow and simple to implement.

You'll also learn about important topics like creating a safety culture on your farm, involving everyone on your farm to improve safety and to know what obligations contractors have.

It's free for B+LNZ levy payers and lunch is provided.



Who should go to the workshop?

If you’re doing the practical farm work and managing staff, as well as taking the lead on health and safety compliance on farm, then you’re the ideal person to attend a workshop.

Find a workshop

Check the events calendar or contact your local Extension Manager for information about workshops near you.

Why have a Farm Safety Management System?

A Farm Safety Management System gives you a process for identifying and managing hazards and risks.

It helps you ensure that everyone on your farm:

  • is aware of safety
  • understands their role
  • has the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their job safely.

It also give you procedures for things like:

  • making sure your workers' wellbeing and environment is monitored
  • ensuring your equipment is regularly serviced.

Farm Safety Management System resources

After you attend a workshop, you may need to access the resources provided to you in the future to download and print; or to use in a digital format should you wish to save tools and forms on your computer. 

The following are links to download the resources you are supplied at the Farm Safety Management System workshop. These forms and registers are editable PDFs. Save the PDF to your computer before editing.

How to use farm and business management PDF templates and download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat
If you are having trouble saving a completed farm and business management PDF template, click here to view a video on how to fill them out and save completed templates on your computer and click here to view a video on how to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

  • Farm Safety Management System - Implementation Guide (PDF, 52KB) Exigent Risk Management has developed a new “implementation guide” which has a step-by-step process on how to take the information from your new Farm Safety Management System and implement this on-farm.
What farmers are saying...

We asked farmers for feedback on the Farm Safety Management System:

"Good information which helped make it a lot easier for us to implement our farm's safety plan."

"Takes the unknown and fear out of health & safety."

"Great examples, easy to follow approach."

"I can tick a health & safety plan off my list of things to do!"

"Comprehensive folder/paperwork."