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Farmer-initiated technology and transfer research grants allow farmers to expand their knowledge and learn from each other. Here you’ll find completed FITT research projects.


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2014 - Archived Fitt reports

Date published 29 September, 2014

These reports of Farmer-Initiated Technology Transfer projects have been removed from the website, but can be emailed on request.

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A ‘cocktail’ of metabolic treatments for triplet-bearing ewes

Date published 4 July, 2016

Final FITT report from the Taumarunui Triplet Ewe Treatment Group project.

Animal Welfare (Dogs) Code of Welfare

Date published 26 June, 2010

Code of welfare relating to dogs.

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Annihilating cattle faecal deposits to control endoparasites

Date published 20 December, 2011

This farmer trial aimed to determine the effectiveness of harrowing pastures and dung pats as a way of managing parasites in young grazing cattle.

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ID number 10FT06

Annual clover performance on medium rainfall hill country

Date published 1 November, 2012

This trial grew five top flowering annual clovers at Clarence Bridge and compared their performance with three control species: annual sub clover and perennial white and red clovers.

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ID number 11FT12

Assessing impact of grazing management systems

Date published 1 July, 2009

This study compares growth rates of ewe lambs in rotational versus shuttle grazing systems and assesses pasture quality changes using Q-Graze analysis.

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ID number 08FT197

Best weaning practice study

Date published 30 November, 2010

This project aims to determine which weaning method (yard, fenceline or cold turkey) is most practical and profitable for farmers in the Rangitikei hill country environment.

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ID number 10FT01

Capturing farmer knowledge for more effective management of Chilean needle grass

Date published 1 March, 2016

This trial had two key aims: 1.To record and collate past and current use of Taskforce and other pasture management used by farmers to control CNG. 2. To produce a document reviewing farmers' CNG management, with key findings for dissemination to interested parties.

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Clover root weevil tolerance of clover cultivars

Date published 14 April, 2015

This investigation took advantage of an infested clover cultivar trial to look for varietal differences that may contribute to lower clover root weevil numbers.

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ID number 14FT03
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