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Every year Beef + Lamb New Zealand invests farmer levies in research and development that increases productivity on sheep and beef farms. Here you’ll find in-depth reports from our research projects, and briefs to help you apply the findings on your farm.


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2014 - Archived research and development briefs

Date published 25 August, 2014

These R&D briefs have been 'retired' and removed from the website, but can be emailed on request.

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Animal Welfare (Dogs) Code of Welfare

Date published 26 June, 2010

Code of welfare relating to dogs.

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Benefits-of-dairy-farms-using-better-beef-genetics-fact sheet

Date published 1 September, 2016

This Dairy Beef Integration project compared the use of Ezicalve (high estimated breeding values for calving ease and live weight) to unrecorded Hereford sires on a dairy farm and assessed the impacts on mating, calving, calf rearing and beef finishing. Using beef sires with high EBVs had benefits for both dairy and beef farmers.

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Dairy Beef Integration Project Final Report

Date published 7 October, 2016

The Beef + Lamb New Zealand Dairy Beef Integration Project aimed to demonstrate the use of quality beef genetics in a dairy beef supply chain and the impacts on mating, calving, calf rearing and beef finishing.

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Economic Evaluation of Stock Water Reticulation on Hill Country Report

Date published 16 February, 2017

This report outlines the economics of reticulating stock water on hill country.

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