Interactive tools

Online calculators and calendars: tools for export analysis and to help you make farming decisions.

Data collection and benchmarking are key drivers of improved farm profitability. Now you can see how your business matches up at the click of a mouse. Once you know where you are, you'll be better placed to know where you're going – so, if you need to, you can take appropriate action to change your course.

FeedSmart calculator

Calculate feed requirements for sheep and cattle; and calculate pasture/crop usage when moving animals to paddocks.

Calculate feed requirements


Profitability calculator

Compare your profitability with the other New Zealand sheep and beef farms. The tool allows you to evaluate where your profitability per hectare sits nationally, within your region and within a particular farm class.

Compare your farm profitability


Production calculator

What are the real volumes of meat and wool being produced on your farm? Use our new meat and wool production calculator to find out.

Calculate your meat and wool production


Benchmarking tool

Use our interactive benchmarking tool to find out what the key performance indicators are for farm classes in your region, and see how you compare.

Benchmark your business


Lambing calculator

The lambing percentage calculator is an interactive tool designed to lift performance on your farm. 

Use it for a clear understanding of where your farm stands among a broader group – be it regional, land type or stock class. You can even compare your business performance going back to 2002.

Calculate your lambing percentage


Export analysis tool

See how much beef and lamb New Zealand exports, where it goes, and what it's worth. You can create your own graphs of annual export volumes, values, and trends in average value, and download the data.

Analyse New Zealand meat exports


Pasture growth forecaster

The pasture growth forecaster is an easy-to-use, visual guide to predict how grass will grow up to two weeks in advance.

Developed specifically for New Zealand farmers to suit New Zealand's climatic conditions, it helps you make better feeding decisions, sooner.

Manage your pasture more effectively


Sheep calendar

Manage your ewes effectively with our handy planning tool, showing all the key sheep production activities in an easy-to-use online calendar.

You can store information on up to seven different mobs, making it easy to see and manage your busy times.

Create your personalised sheep calendar


How can we improve our tools?

We're working hard to develop other interactive tools to help you make informed business decisions. Tell us what you'd find useful, and what we can do to improve the tools we have now. Have your say

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