Sheep & beef farm survey

Find out how New Zealand’s sheep and beef farms are expected to perform this year – and how they’ve performed in the past.

Farm management performance indicators are summarised by farm, hectare, stock unit, region, and farm class. They include balance sheet analysis.

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For quintile analysis, go to: Benchmark your farm

Background to the survey

The Beef + Lamb New Zealand sheep and beef farm survey began in 1950 and is central to our activities.

It provides a sound base for the Economic Service's forecasts of meat and wool production and trends in the sector, by linking physical production together with financial returns and the capital structure of farms.

After producing the sheep & beef mid-season update in February, in September each year we publish our estimate of the actual farm situation for the new season ahead.

How this data is used

The trends shown by farm survey data are published in several key reports, including the
 stock number survey, lamb crop, and movements in sheep and beef farm input prices: Economic reports

New Zealand Farm Facts 2017

Compendium of farm facts 2017