Beef + Lamb New Zealand works with industry groups and government agencies to help develop robust biosecurity policy.

New Zealand has a better animal health status than any other country where agriculture makes a significant contribution to the economy.

This is due to a combination of our physical isolation, robust border measures and years of investment in good animal husbandry standards, disease control and eradication.

But we need to be vigilant. Keeping exotic sheep and cattle diseases out of New Zealand – and detecting and eradicating any that do arrive – is vital for our export market.

The attractiveness of New Zealand products to premium international markets depends on our verifiable freedom from a range of animal diseases, and our veterinary infrastructure. Exotic veterinary diseases or pasture pests also pose a threat to farm productivity.

Register your farm and help protect our industry

Government and emergency services need to be able to contact farmers swiftly if there's a biosecurity outbreak or other rural emergency, like a severe flood.

We encourage sheep and beef farmers to register with MPI's FarmsOnline database to ensure a rapid response.

Help protect your livelihood and preserve our industry: register your farm now

Beef + Lamb New Zealand's biosecurity role

We ensure the best interests of sheep and beef farmers are represented by: 

  • providing technical advice on import risks and import health standards
  • participating in Ministry of Primary Industries projects that aim to improve response capability
  • preparing submissions on biosecurity legislation or policy consultations that may affect sheep and beef farmers
  • providing input into international standards and biosecurity guidelines, including the World Organisation for Animal Health’s Terrestrial Animal Health Code
  • working to ensure the National Animal Identification and Tracing system is effective and efficient, and takes the practical realities of beef farming into account

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Emergency hotline

Unusual disease symptoms, abnormal behaviour or unexpected animal deaths on your farm must be reported to MPI. Call the Exotic Disease and Pest Emergency Hotline on 0800 80 99 66.

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