Food safety

B+LNZ works with farmers and others in the food chain to ensure New Zealand beef and lamb is perfectly safe to eat.

In particular, we work closely with the Meat Industry Association and the Ministry for Primary Industries

Food safety from paddock to plate

Our focus is on the pre-slaughter end of the ‘paddock to plate’ continuum. We also advise on meat processing and other food safety issues where our overseas regional networks can be used to benefit the industry as a whole.

We understand the strong customer demand for fully traceable beef and have contributed to the development of a new national animal identification and tracing system, due to become mandatory in 2012.

See the National Animal Identification and Tracing website for more details. 

Informing food safety policy

B+LNZ's technical policy team also works to preserve and promote the best interests of sheep and beef farmers on other issues associated with livestock production and processing.

For example:

  • cloning and genetic modification overseas
  • organic production
  • use of hormone growth promoters
  • religious slaughter practices
  • appropriate use of veterinary and agricultural chemicals
Emergency hotline

Unusual disease symptoms, abnormal behaviour or unexpected animal deaths on your farm must be reported to MPI. Call the Exotic Disease and Pest Emergency Hotline on 0800 80 99 66.

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