Andrew Morrison_farm

Shearers put on a show of excellence at World Shearing Championships

1 March 2017

The show of excellence put on at the recent World Shearing Championships highlights the innovation and adaptability of our industry, says Andrew Morrison.

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Judging the 2016 competition

The search for New Zealand's best lamb heats up

28 February 2017

The finalists of the 2017 Beef + Lamb New Zealand Golden Lamb Awards, aka the Glammies, have been announced.

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Man on quadbike

How safe is your farm?

27 February 2017

This 60-second survey involves six simple questions about safety systems on your farm. If you answer “yes” to all six questions, then you are “good to go”. If you strike one or more “no” answers, keep reading.

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Earthquake relief fund workshops

23 February 2017

Do you make your income from a primary industry? Has your primary industry business suffered uninsurable earthquake damage?

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Consumers believe sustainability is a given

21 February 2017

High value target consumers generally do not believe a product grown sustainably should attract a price premium – rather, they see it as a pre-requisite of the product being in the market, says Rabobank Sustainability and Animal Proteins Analyst Blake Holgate.

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Craw farm_hill

The key to productive potential

20 February 2017

As their tenure as B+LNZ Innovation Farmers comes to an end, the Craws believe their hill country has more productive potential than they ever thought possible.

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Andrew Jolly with background

Have you made a submission yet?

16 February 2017

B+LNZ extension manager Andrew Jolly questions the approaches put forward for the Healthy Rivers Plan Change One and proposes there are better ways to meet the vision and strategy of the plan change.

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Bill Wright_farm

The future of lamb

13 February 2017

Central South Island Director Bill Wright reflects on the future of the sheep industry and trade opportunities for the New Zealand red meat sector.

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Craws pasture

Driving profitability

13 February 2017

B+LNZ Innovation farmers Hamish and Annabel Craw have been trialling the use of chemicals to increase the quality and quantity of pastures on uncultivable parts of their Banks Peninsula farm. Part three of a four-part series about the project looks at the financial advantages of increasing pasture…

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Future Farmer Focus Group Programme

The Skilled Worker Initiative

9 February 2017

Do you have on-farm experience and want to work or volunteer on an earthquake-affected farm in Marlborough, Kaikoura or the Hurunui?

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