Earthquake relief fund workshops

Earthquake 23 February 2017

Do you make your income from a primary industry? Has your primary industry business suffered uninsurable earthquake damage?

Find out what you need to know to make an application to the Ministry for Primary Industries' Earthquake Relief Fund with on the ground support from rural earthquake recovery coordinators.

The workshops will cover:

  • How to make claims with detailed advice on what to claim and what amount can be claimed.
  • Figuring out what your next steps are in making a claim.
  • Figuring out what support you need and answering your questions.

Don't be put off attending because you think your claim is not big enough or because of the $12,000 qualifying amount. It's pretty easy to get there when you start to add up damage. Find out more about the fund here.


For catering purposes please RSVP to

Where and when

27 February: Kaikoura | Kaikoura Memorial Hall (Supper Room) | 5pm - 8pm
28 February: Mt Lyford | Mt Lyford Lodge | 5pm - 8pm
1 March: Rotherham | Rotherham Hotel | 5pm - 8pm
2 March: Cheviot | Cheviot Trust Hotel | 5pm - 8pm
13 March: Kaikoura | Kaikoura Memorial Hall (Supper Room) | 5pm - 8pm 

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