Worm burdens a threat after rain

17 March 2017

Farmers in areas that have been very dry need to be on the lookout for internal parasite infestations in the wake of the recent rain.

Dr Dave Leathwick, a senior scientist with AgResearch, says in the first two weeks after a drought has broken, farmers need to be keeping a close eye on stock for worm burdens.

He says worm larvae gets locked up in the soil and faeces in dry weather and when it rains they can all hatch at once – causing significant infestations.

“It can happen quite quickly so be aware and on the ball.”

Leathwick says no-one can explain exactly why this happens – but it does – and it requires farmers to be extra vigilant about monitoring stock health.

Wormwise is a national worm management strategy which aims to help farmers, and their advisors, manage internal parasites is sheep and cattle. 

Wormwise Workshops

B+LNZ hosts Wormwise workshops throughout the country. These take a “whole farm” approach to sustainable internal parasite management, with the goal being healthier animals.

Contact your local B+LNZ extension manager if you would like one run in your area.

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