B+LNZ Land and Environment Planning Workshop: Level 1

LEP workshop-landscape Tuesday, 23 May 2017 12.30–3.30pm, Cromwell Presbyterian Church, 10 Elspeth Street, Cromwell By farmers. For farmers

Manage the environmental and water issues that make your farm unique.

Come along to this free workshop and get independent assistance to understand the land and environmental issues on your farm — and make a plan to manage them.

Using B+LNZ's Land and Environment Planning Toolkit, you'll calculate the impact your farming operation has on your surrounding environment and implement strategies to mitigate any environmental risk for long-term benefit.

Understand the issues and find out about funding and covenanting options available to you.


Light lunch starting 12.30pm.

What to bring

Please bring along an aerial photo or a copy of your farm map.



If the button doesn't work for you, copy this address into a new email: theresa.laws@beeflambnz.com

Find out more

For further information, email Laura Gray (B+LNZ): Laura.Gray@beeflambnz.com