AWDT leadership programmes


Rural women face unique circumstances and barriers to developing as leaders. Their lives often combine supporting a farming business, motherhood, a career and being involved in their community.

Women play key roles in New Zealand farming partnerships and bring a wide range of skills to decision-making situtations – but they hold just 6% of governance roles in the rural sector.

The Agri-Womens Development Trust (AWDT) runs leadership programmes that aim to increase the pool of women with the skills and capability to govern and lead agricultural organisations.

If you're a rural woman and are looking for a new direction, then check out what the AWDT can offer you. Their leadership programmes will help you understand your strengths, gain confidence and develop your leadership.

First Steps

This is a two-day programme for women who are in farming partnerships or agri-business and want to set a path for themselves into leadership or governance roles. The workshop will start you on a thinking path: What else could I do? It's great for women who have lived on a farm, brought up kids, possibly had a career previously – and now feel it's time for something more. 


This is a 10-month programme for women who have a solild career in agri sector and want to develop their governance and leadership skills. If you are a talented woman who has a vision and a commitment to agriculture, this programme will give you the skills and experience of leadership and governance. 


Beef + Lamb New Zealand is a strategic partner of AWDT, providing financial support to its leadership programmes. 


Check the events calendar for conferences, seminars and professional development opportunities in your region.