Federated Farmers' Leadership and Development Programme

Fed Farmers leadership

Federated Farmers run several short courses to encourage farmers to become more active in their communities and have the confidence to step up and speak out.

The training will help you develop the skills you need to deliver the right messages to the right people – to help bring about positive outcomes for rural communities. 

About the training

The Federated Farmers' level 1 and level 2 advocacy courses are called 'Getting your Feet Wet' and 'Shining Under the Spotlight'. They are 2-day courses, held in Wellington.

The level 3 course is called 'Advocacy, Influence and Outcomes' and is targeted people who are already in leadership roles in Federated Farmers.

Our support

Beef + Lamb New Zealand supports sheep and beef farmers who are Federated Farmers members to do this training by providing financial assistance with costs.


Check the events calendar for conferences, seminars and professional development opportunities in your region.