B+LNZ IBA Young Leaders' Scholarship


Are you passionate about the future direction of the beef industry?

Every year a young New Zealander is sponsored by Beef + Lamb New Zealand to represent their country as a delegate at the International Beef Alliance (IBA) conference.

You'll join the New Zealand delegation and will be accompanied by the person who won the scholarship last year (so, in your second year, you'll get to go along again). 

If you're someone who likes to take a 'big picture' view, you'll find the experience eye opening – it will change the way you think about the industry and your operation within it. 

  • You'll be fully immersed in discussions about what's happening in the beef industry globally. 
  • You'll be involved in discussions with other beef producers on issues such as trade and sustainability.
  • You'll gain an understanding of the opportunities that a collaboration like the IBA provides for New Zealand.

Lauren Cameron's experience 

Lauren Cameron. "I had the pleasure of attending the IBA Conference Young Leaders programme in Queensland in 2013 and Texas in 2014, thanks to the B+LNZ scholarship. This was a highlight of my career to date – the chance to see our beef sector leaders discuss global issues affecting trade, sustainability and animal welfare. I gained an understanding of different farm systems from the other young leaders and industry representatives, and it made me reflect on practices in New Zealand."

Lauren Cameron is B+LNZ's extension manager, Eastern North Island.

Marie Timperley's experience

Marie Timperley. Marie attended the IBA Conference Young Leaders programme in Mexico in 2015.

"Sticking together as an industry is the key. We need to get better at telling our story."

"I'm thinking more collaboratively rather than just as an individual producer."

"I met so many fantastic people. Everyone was so open, knowledgeable and positive about the beef industry. That was the biggest highlight."


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